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Title Insurance

Courthouse Title represents Old Republic Title Insurance Group, one of the top title insurance underwriters in the country. Title insurance protects policy owners against financial losses resulting from title defects and hidden risks, such as:


   *Deeds executed under false or expired powers of attorney


   *Mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts


   *Incorrect representation of marital status


   *Undisclosed heirs


   *Mistakes in recording legal documents


   *Incorrect legal descriptions


   *Forged deeds, releases, etc.


   *Federal, state inheritance, and gift tax liens


   *Errors in tax records


   *Federal condemnation without notice filing


   *Capacity of foreign fiduciaries


   *Duress in execution of documents


   *Want of jurisdiction over person in judicial proceedings


   *Deeds from minors or non-existent entities


   *Discovery of later will after probate of first will


   *Easements by prescription not discovered by a survey


   *Deeds delivered after death of grantor or grantee, or without consent of grantor


Two types of title policies are:


   *Lender's (loan) title policies - Required by lenders and paid for by borrowers to insure the amount of the loan;


   *Owner's title policy - Optional title coverage for the buyers/borrowers for the protection of the homeowner's investment.